Parking Control Method Management System

Smart parking control systems only come from good, smart planning. Choosing the correct parking equipment is often the first step towards maximizing your parking space. However, that is also important to ask the correct questions before purchasing. Self service pedestal readers, which require no identification but instead electronic payment, are actually a superior option for large facilities servicing regularly parking vehicles, including tenants in an apartment building... The fact is, parking control readers are now available to the public and they are more user friendly than ever before. They provide the parking agency with a single point of access to monitor and manage all of the parking meters and pay parking devices on site. For many parking control systems, a vehicle identification reader will capture vehicle location data. These devices can capture data such as the make, model and year of a parked vehicle. Additionally, they may also store other information, including: make, model, license number, parking zone, direction of movement, parking direction, vehicle parking indicators and more. As vehicles are approaching or leaving a parking facility, information about these vehicles is fed through a communication network and stored within the unit. When a vehicle is identified, the system will either activate an alarm, notify a customer service representative or pre-empt a driver.

This is but one example of how such a system could be used. Of course, there are many other ways such devices could be used. But the present invention relates to a vehicle parking control system that does more than just indicate whether a vehicle is currently parked. It also helps to determine where the vehicle is located in relation to other parked vehicles in the parking lot. Such a parking control system could allow for easy access control. A prospective tenant could easily enter a specific block or parking lot without having to identify themselves or trigger the access control system. Thus, this would provide a way for multiple prospective tenants to quickly and easily gain access to properties owned by the same organization. In fact, multiple prospective tenants could gain access to properties simultaneously. Indeed, with the present invention, there is no longer any need to physically mark or lock prospective tenants' vehicles as they drive by on their way into a new facility. See here to find the best parking control system.

Such an efficient parking control system is also useful for organizations. Parking lots could be designed with optimal levels of security to ward off intruders. Employees could be given access into secured areas as needed. Likewise, parking lots could be designed with intelligent technology to optimize revenue collection. Today's intelligent parking control method management system is highly flexible and configurable. It allows for the retrofitting of such a system to suit changing business needs. It allows the retrofitting of such a system to cater for changing environmental requirements and to suit the changing needs of property owners. This means that it can be configured to adapt to changing business needs and rapidly respond to those needs. This then provides for a highly cost effective, highly efficient and highly secure car park design that is able to effectively reduce parking space costs and increase revenues.

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